28 September – 3 October (another week of running and cycling)

A better balance of running and cycling this week – at last!


Jolly Jags 10k race – 55 mins, 22 seconds.  It was unseasonably warm for the very end of September which made waiting around at the start pleasant for a change (usually I get too cold) but I had to chuck my cup of water over my head at the 5k point to cool myself down.  But it was a super run.  I have been concentrating on running long and slow so it was a nice change to run a bit quicker and for not so long.   It is just so nice to go to these events as part of a Club and have people to run with, chat to, take photos and cheer you on.  Who would ever have thought I’d enjoy being part of a running club?  But I do!

Some of the Norwich Road Runners posse in action!

Some of the Norwich Road Runners posse in action!

Monday Rest day


I went out on the bike!  My first solo ride in a long time.  It was a lovely morning so I had a very pleasant ride out to Bawburgh and then back through Little Melton.  I got rather lost on the Larkman Estate but when I got home and uploaded my ride to Strava I got a Queen of the Mountain on the bit where I got lost – pootling along at 11.9mph, just because no other lady has ever been brave enough to venture onto the Estate to do that segment!  I cycled just under 30 miles at a very steady pace and enjoyed every minute of it, even the bit when I was lost.


A solo ride on Tuesday, followed by a solo run on Wednesday evening.  All the long runs I have done over the past few weeks made this 7.2 mile jaunt feel short.  I ran a 9:45 min/mile average and that felt easy.  I could have run faster or further (but probably not both).  I think that is the kind of pace I want to do at Peterborough as I reckon I could sustain that for 13.2 miles and finish with a smile on my face.


City Hills with Jess on the bike.  This was knackering but fun.  We did Long John Hill, Rouen Road, Thorn Lane, Carrow Hill, Cotman Road, Thunder Lane and Grapes Hill.  Thunder Lane was the worst as our legs were tired by then and it is a long drag with flipping speed bumps to make it harder than it already is.  But I am sure it was good for us and I definitely want to do it again but maybe in the evening when we won’t have to worry about traffic.  Only 18 miles but tough miles!

Friday Rest day


Sally’s birthday Parkrun at King’s Lynn.  Just a chatty run through the Walks with Sally and Jayne Cook who also came over for the day.  It is a very friendly Parkrun and not as busy as Eaton Park and Geoff was there to take some photos of us.  Oh and Sally had baked cakes to eat afterwards! 10700516_10152398430806560_5180844040204575601_o

Weekly mileage Running 16.5 miles Cycling 104.7 miles

Next week is a rest week in preparation for the Peterborough Half on Sunday.  Only short slow runs are allowed and no efforts on the bike either.

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