It’s harder to get myself out of the door now the cold has arrived!

Autumn, with hints of winter, arrived this week. And sitting all cosy in the lounge, with the fire blazing, it is so much harder to get those running or cycling shoes on and head out of the door. There is always so much clobber to put on for one thing. In the summer you can just toss on a few bits and bobs for decency’s sake and head out, like this:


Well, maybe not quite like this. This is me, in June 2012, about to do the Norwich 50, my first bike ride in almost 20 years. But the main reason for posting this is because I did this ride on my son’s bike and this bike was stolen from St Stephen’s on Friday evening. So if you see this bike (a Dawes Tamarack in gold and blue) then please let me know, or wrestle the rider to the ground and steal the bike back from them – although maybe that might be a bit much if some poor soul has the same model!

Anyway I did brave the cold and the wind and the rain and get out last week although didn’t do as much on the bike as I had planned (because of the weather):

Monday: In the morning I went out alone and did hills on the bike. I am rubbish on hills so this needed to be done. But boy was it hard. I did Skeets Hill x3 on the single-speed. I struggled to get up it to be honest and by the time I got back home my legs were very sore (bit of a bummer that I have to cycle up a hill to get to the house).
(27.1 miles, ave speed 15.5mph, ave HR 138bpm)
In the evening I went to the NRR session. Wendy was offering a hill option and had I not done Skeets on the bike in the morning I probably would/should have done that, but my legs were too tired so I went on the nice gentle 5k route with Claire and some others. It was just what I needed.
(3.1 miles, ave pace 10:52/mi, ave HR 134bpm)

Tuesday: rest day

Wednesday: Did the usual flat run from home at a nice easy pace. I am surprised I didn’t fall over as it was Guy Fawkes Night and fireworks were going off every few minutes so I spent most of the time gazing up in the sky rather than looking where I was going.
(3 miles, ave pace 10:40/mi, ave HR 135bpm)

Thursday: Another solo run as couldn’t get to club because of a sixth form open day
(4.5 miles, ave pace 10:05/mi, ave HR 140bpm)

Friday: Jess and I had planned on a bike ride (and I needed the bike miles) but the weather was just too horrible (rainy and sooo windy) so we ran instead. It was Jess’ first run in ages (years maybe?) but she did fabulously – in fact, she ran more quickly than I usually do for training runs. It was more of a tempo run, and my legs felt very tired afterwards. But it was good to get out and do something.
(4.5 miles, ave pace 9:17/mi, ave HR 156bpm)

Saturday: Rest day (in preparation for the Stowmarket Scenic 7 on Sunday – will write about that next week).

Cycling: 65.3 miles
Running: 15.1 miles

I wonder if I will ever have a week when I run further than I cycle?

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