Two weeks in one post

I never got round to writing this last weekend and now I am going to struggle to remember anything about two weeks ago even with the aid of my Strava/Garmin records. But I shall try . . .

And I shall start with the easiest bit – the week that has just finished!

Saturday (29/11) – rest day (did clean dirty bike at last!)

Friday (28/11) – rest day

Thursday (27/11) – A lovely ride with Jen to the South of Norwich on very muddy roads. It was the first time I had seen Jen in months so there was lots to catch up on. I hadn’t bothered to clean my bike since the Audax earlier in the week but it is just as well really – I saved myself some effort by only having to clean it once.
(27.5 miles at ave 12.6mph, ave HR 123 bpm)

In the evening I went to the Norwich Road Runners session and ran a nice steady 4 miler with Karren. Again I hadn’t run with her for some time so there was lots to catch up on there too. It was a nice run although the street lighting is not great in some places and it was rather dark and difficult to see where you were putting your feet.
(3.9 miles at ave 10:11 min/mi pace, ave HR 139bpm)

Wednesday (26/11) – rest day

Tuesday (25/11) Norwich Road Runners efforts session on the field. I love these! And this was one well-suited to me as I prefer the shorter efforts – running hard for 5 mins always seems a bit much, but this was 1 min, then 45 secs recovery, then 45 secs, followed by 15 secs recovery, followed by 15 secs effort. And we did that 6 times. I remembered to push the lap button on my Garmin so could see my effort pace rather than just the meaningless overall pace (I walk on the recoveries and groan a lot!)
(3.5 miles, pace for effort parts varied between 6:14 mi/mile and 7:28 mi/mile, ave HR 148bpm)

Monday (24/11) Long run day. I have decided that I will do a long run (not always this long) every other week to keep my distance up. Anyway, I was planning to run alone which is fine if a little dull. But during the day Jess got in touch to ask if I was going to Norwich Road Runners as she was thinking of going too. When I said I was doing a 12 mile run, she rather remarkably said she would come too. Jess only started running a few weeks ago, and up til now the furthest she had run was just under 7 miles. And she coped fine. We kept the pace nice and slow. My stomach got very dodgy under the Magdalen Road flyover (not a place you want to stop for a natural break) but I did make it home without incident. My Heart rate was a bit higher than it should have been for a run at that pace – not sure why that was but I felt fine.
(12 miles, ave pace 10:35 min/mile, ave HR 151)

Sunday (23/11) Rest day spent marshalling at a very very soggy Norwich half marathon. I am so very glad that I did not register to run that event.

Here we are waiting to start marshalling at the half marathon!

Here we are waiting to start marshalling at the half marathon!

Saturday (22/11) Swaffham Scorpion Audax. It was a wet day and the roads were very mucky but audaxes (is that the plural?) are such fun – everyone is out just to enjoy the ride and not worry about their speeds and the food is always good. And they are so cheap – £5 if you are a CTC member and that includes the food. Doing audaxes has turned me off Sportives which never have such a good atmosphere, often have a lot of dangerous riders and are hideously expensive in comparison.
(65 miles at ave speed of 15.1mph, ave HR 136bpm)

Friday (21/11) rest day

Thursday (20/11) rest day

Wednesday (19/11) Evening run with Jess. This is my old route, the one I used to run every flipping time I went out but it is so long since I have done it regularly that it now feels all fresh and interesting again. It is good to run once a week with Jess as she goes a bit more quickly that I generally do and it’s probably good to have a bit more variety in pace.
(4.9 miles, ave pace 9:23 min/mile, ave HR 158 bpm)

Tuesday (18/11) Norwich Road Runners Efforts session – Descending ladders on Gas Hill. There were no ladders involved – these efforts were 40 secs up, walk down recovery, 30 secs up, walk down recover, 15 secs up, walk down recovery x4. Or at least I think that’s what we did – it is so long ago now that I might have got it a bit wrong) Doesn’t sound a lot, does it? But Gas Hill is steep and it was hard work. But fun too! I managed it and whilst my legs were achy the next day my achilles was fine and I suffered no ill effects.
(Garmin data pretty meaningless as didn’t use the lap button – but total distance was 3.2 miles)

Monday (17/11) Rest day

Sunday (16/11) Longdale Striders Catton Park Relay for the Big C. I was an honorary Storey for this event. Basically we had to run laps of Catton Park for 3 hours – teams could have as many members as they wished. We started off with 5 members which meant not too much running had to be done by any of us, but after one lap the girls decided they didn’t want to do any more, so Linda and I did two laps but poor old Mark ended up doing all the rest. It was a fun event and hopefully they raised a lot of money.

Mileage (for week beginning 23/11)

Cycling – 49.1 miles
Running – 19.4 miles

Mileage (for week beginning 16/11)
Cycling = 118.5 miles
Running = 11.9 miles

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