New Year New Targets

Well, perhaps the year is not so very new! It has been a while since I last wrote here. I’m not sure why – I kept meaning to write but other stuff seemed to get in the way.

Anyway, I am back. And I didn’t stop running or cycling for the couple of months I failed to write – I’ve done plenty of running and have been out on the bike when the weather has allowed. I refuse to cycle if there is the slightest hint of ice so that has meant less riding than I would have liked.

So what’s new? Well, I did a fair few races since I last wrote here and they all went well. I feel fairly confident now running the longer distances – I ran a hilly 15 miler at Folksworth at the end of January and got a much better time than I had expected and I ran the Freethorpe 10 miler with Linda a week later and beat my previous 10 Mile PB by six minutes. I have also run two 10ks (Ely New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s), a few Parkruns and cycled the 80 mile Wiggle No Excuses Sportive. I enjoyed them all. And that’s the main thing, isn’t it?

Oh and I got my Bronze Medallion from Norwich Road Runners. Whilst it was a wee bit embarrassing getting it presented, I am so very proud to have it. This means I got the bronze standard time at 6 distances for my age group- 5km, 5 mile, 10km, 10 mile, half marathon and 15 mile. Joining Norwich Road Runners last January was one of the best decisions I have made recently – it has given me such an enthusiasm for running that I just can’t stop myself from entering events (more about that in a future post).

My bronze medallion!  Isn't it beautiful?

My bronze medallion! Isn’t it beautiful?

So what next? Well, these are my plans for the next few months in broad terms:

1.I want to get my 50 Parkrun t-shirt this year. I have been doing Parkruns intermittently since they first started in Norwich back in 2012 but I have never been a regular attender. I am currently halfway there. There are now a range to choose from locally so I have no excuse at all. Parkrun is a great way to start the weekend.

Catton Parkrun with LInda and Mark Storey last Saturday (Linda and I both got a PB!)

Catton Parkrun with LInda and Mark Storey last Saturday (Linda and I both got a PB!)

2.I want to try to get the silver club standard medallion before I move into the next age group next spring. I already have the silver times at 5 mile and 15 miles and I don’t think they will be too tricky to get at the other middle distances but I struggle to believe I can ever run 5km in 24:14. I guess I could always try to get it at 20 mile distance instead of 5km. But 20 miles? Eek! Ah well, that is something to worry about later – initially I shall concentrate on getting the silver time at 10km, 10 mile and half marathon as those definitely feel do-able.

3.I managed to do a lot of running and a lot of cycling last year without injury and I want that to continue. I will therefore try to keep my training at a sensible level (I am pretty ancient after all). I shall aim for three runs a week: efforts at Club every week as those are so good for me and hard to do alone, Parkrun on a Saturday morning and then every other week I will do a long run with Linda so that we can run long races whenever it takes our fancy. On the week I don’t do a long run I will just do a nice steady 4 or 6 miler.

And cycling? Well, here I am on my bike the other week just to prove I have still been riding for those who haven’t seen me for ages:

Sally Kelly and I on the Wiggle No Excuses 80 Mile Sportive (February 2015)

Sally Kelly and I on the Wiggle No Excuses 80 Mile Sportive (February 2015)

I want to concentrate on just getting out on my bike with VCN, Jen, Jess or whoever else fancies a ride (Liz, perhaps, now she has her new bike!?) and enjoying the ride rather than doing so many sportives and events. I got pretty fed up with Sportives last year (several were disorganised or felt like they were ripping us off). But I will do Pedal Norfolk at the beginning of May with Sally and also the Norwich 100 at the end of May, hopefully with a group from VCN. Whilst I have gone out with Jen regularly over the winter and done some lovely 25 mile jaunts, I have not been on many VCN Club rides so I will aim to remedy that over the next few weeks.

2 thoughts on “New Year New Targets

  1. You have been very busy & you have done very well. You bronze medal is lovely & I hope you achieve all your new goals.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment, Linda! I hope we both achieve our goals for 2015 and have lots more really enjoyable and successful races. I think we will!!

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