Things to Look Forward To

My ankle is definitely improving and I have been out for a couple of very short flat slow runs and it has felt OK. It is hard to know what to do for the best now – rest it completely from running and just cycle (which is what I did for the first 10 days) or try running on it. It is definitely not still right – it feels bruised to the touch and it is hard to describe but it is a little unstable and would, I fear, be easy to twist again.  And, of course, I don’t want to run too soon and make it worse and be out of running for ages.

I am going to be fairly cautious and will back off completely if it feels worse after I have run on it (which so far it hasn’t).  My plan for the next few weeks running-wise is to do Parkrun tomorrow but just at a jog or even a walk if necessary and then I will rest it from running for 3 or 4 days and then try a really flat slow 3 miler midweek and then aim to do the Trowse 10k on Sunday but it’ll be a slow steady run and may include some walking (or even sitting down!!).  Then I will rest it completely for a week and hopefully after that I can go back to all my normal running antics – efforts, long runs etc.  I do hope so.

I have done plenty of cycling this past week and my ankle hasn’t bothered me at all whilst pedalling, it’s just the clipping in and out that hurts. I had my second ever fall from the bike on Tuesday, simply because it still doesn’t feel instinctive to unclip with the other foot and I dithered and ending up falling splat in the road in front of a tractor. Weirdly the only other time I have fallen off my bike was also in front of a tractor. So I now have a nicely bruised elbow to coordinate with my ankle.

But anyway, looking ahead I have lots of events planned over the year so I thought it would be useful to list them all here, in one place, so that I can refer back to it when I need to.

5 April                  Trowse 10k (hopefully)
22 April                Great Yarmouth 5 miler (already have silver time, try for gold time?)
25 April                Morley Meander 113k cycle ride
26 April                London Marathon (watching this, not running it!!)
3 May                  GEAR 10k (try and get the Club silver time)
4 May                  Pedal Norfolk 50 mile ride
6 May                  Great Yarmouth 5 miler
10 May                Dereham 10 miler (try and get the Club silver time)
20 May                Great Yarmouth 5 miler
31 May                Norwich 100 cycle ride
28 June               Humpty Dumpty 10k
24 July                Worstead 5 miler
30 August           The new Norwich City Centre 10k hopefully
18 October         Amsterdam Half Marathon and weekend away with Club
15 November      St Neots Half Marathon (try for the Club silver time)

I seem to have rather a lot lined up for May but several of them are short events (5 mile, 10k and 50 mile on the bike) so those shouldn’t be too arduous.

So there is lots to look forward to and I am sure I will add more events for later in the year as time goes by.

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