Getting Faster

I do believe I am getting a bit faster.  There was a time when running at a pace below 8 minute/mile was something I could only do for a very short time – as a short effort perhaps.  But over the past few months I have gradually extended the distance I can hold that pace for and have, in several races lately, found myself covering the final mile or two at that pace.  I think it is the Club Efforts sessions that have helped with this, plus trying really hard not to go off too fast in races.  I have run negative splits on several occasions recently and that definitely feels better than running out of steam 2 miles from the finish.

During May I ran PBs at:

5km (Aberystwyth parkrun, 23 May – 23:53mins),

5 miles (Great Yarmouth, 20 May – 40:47mins),

10km (GEAR, King’s Lynn, 3 May – 51:13) and

10 miles (Dereham, 10 May 1:27:47)

Then yesterday I ran Catton parkrun in under 25 minutes for the first time (24:47mins).

Me avoiding hills - love this pic by the wonderful Helen Oghenegweke

Me avoiding hills – love this pic by the wonderful Helen Oghenegweke

There is a common theme to most of these PBs – they are on flat courses.  Aberystwyth, Great Yarmouth and GEAR were pancake flat.  I find it so much easier to pace myself and finish strongly on a flat course.  So it is encouraging really that I am getting faster at Catton as that is a hillier course.  I think hills are probably something I need to tackle a little more.  I need to venture to some of Wendy’s Mousehold sessions and push myself a bit now my ankle is definitely mended.

Running is feeling good at the moment.  It isn’t just getting PBs, I am just really enjoying it – whether it is a race, efforts at club on a Tuesday, a run and a catch-up with Jess or a long slow chatty run with Linda, Lynn and Sophie.  I am loving them all.

And that is how I want it to stay – a nice mixture of chasing PBs, pacing other people and just running for fun, plus a couple of rides each week on the bike, of course!

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