A Return?

Eek!  It’s been a while.  It has been over eighteen months since I last wrote a blogpost.  A lot has changed in that time.  But I am not going to recap – let’s concentrate on the here-and-now.

I have missed writing.  That’s the only reason I am back here.

I have no real idea what I will use this blog for, and in a way I don’t want to have a fixed idea, I shall just go with it – see what occurs to me to write.   But I am going to try to write here more often than I have done.  It’s not a big commitment is it: more often than once every 18 months?  I think anyone could rise to that challenge!

I need to update my photos.  It seems a bit . . . well, misleading I suppose . . . to have a photo of me on my bike when I haven’t sat on the thing in ages.  But it has been so long since I was here that I can’t remember how WordPress works!  I shall get back into it.




10 thoughts on “A Return?

    • Thanks, Megan. I just hope I can actually get on and write regularly! I don’t want to be the person who keeps promising to return but never actually does!

    • I have missed writing but I am still unsure whether the blog is the place to do it or whether, like you, to write longer posts on FB. It’ll work itself out

    • Thanks Geoff. I do seem to make a lot of returns. And look!! I still haven’t written a proper post. Hope you are having fun on your travels!

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