The Tale of Creepy Clive (Part 2)

For many months after the Window Display incident I managed to successfully avoid Creepy Clive and his nuisance nakedness. He may well have been standing in his window in his Birthday Suit all day and all night for weeks on end but I never looked in that direction when leaving the house so if he was I didn’t see him.

And then one day he turned up at my front door to ask if I would put his bins out and keep an eye on his house whilst he was away for a week or so. He added me on WhatsApp so that I could contact him should some emergency occur.

Initially, having him as a contact on WhatsApp proved helpful. One day I inadvertently left my bike outside and he messaged to tell me – the bike might well have been stolen if it had stood there much longer all forgotten and neglected. I began to think that Creepy Clive perhaps deserved to lose the “Creepy” adjective as he was, thankfully, behaving in a perfectly normal neighbourly manner.

But normal and neighbourly was not to last.

Because, of course, WhatsApp is not only great for quick messages about forgotten bicycles but also for sharing pictures.  And it didn’t take Clive long to resume his creepy ways and to begin to use WhatsApp in a less neighbourly fashion.


I have since had “words” with Creepy Clive so hopefully I will not be threatened with any further “cheeky pics” or naked window displays and will never find myself writing a blogpost entitled The Tale of Creepy Clive (Part 3).



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