It should be “cycling” really, shouldn’t it?

I did once do a long bike ride, about 20 years ago, and it was so unpleasant, so very unpleasant, that I never got on my bike again.  It was a summer ride from Barmouth to Aberystwyth.  It was June, it was through beautiful countryside, it should have been fun.  It was not.  It rained the whole time and it was cold and my seat was not comfortable and I whined a great deal.

Fast forward 20 years to 2012, and when Alan asked the boys if any of them wanted to cycle the Norwich 50 with him, and they all looked quickly away, I found myself saying I’d do it.  It was June, it was through beautiful countryside, it should have been fun.  And it was.  The sun shone, and it was hot and whilst my seat was indeed uncomfortable and my legs ached so much that despite not wanting to sit down on that horrid saddle, I could not stand up on the pedals either but I loved it.

And there was no looking back.  I did the Norwich 50 on my son’s mountain bike, but in November 2012 I got my own beautiful road bike.  Around the same time I joined Velo Club Norwich (VCN) and started to go out on their Sunday Club Rides.  Before that I just tried to build up some distance and speed, either on my own or with Alan.  Riding with VCN is a great – such a great bunch – and what’s more we get to stop and eat cake (sometimes very large pieces of cake) after 20 miles or so.

In November 2013 I got a second bike (apparently you can never have too many) a single-speed – that’s one with no gears for non-bikists.  I loved it!  And I think it has made me a bit stronger on the hills (I don’t whine so much about hills as I used to at any rate) and it is much easier to keep clean during the winter months.

I ride for fun.  I do sportives and club rides and go out for pootles with a few pals.  I have no interest in competing in time trials or road races – too old, and too scared of falling off!

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