Training (21-27 September 2014)


VCN Club Ride to Mundesley. It made a very pleasant change to ride to the coast as we’ve not done a lot of that this year as the wind has tended to be south or westerly (VCN always ride out INTO the wind so that we have a nice swift ride back after the cafe stop).

We were a good sized group of similar abilities and inclinations, so a nice steady ride of 50 miles at an average of 16.6mph was had ie spot-on for club ride pace.


Rest day


NRR efforts. Didn’t go on the field this week. Did a 15 minute out and back with Linda, Sophie and Liz. It wasn’t as tough as efforts on the field although we were good girls and ran the return leg more quickly than the outward leg.


More rest


Rest – really going for the rest this week!!


Eek! 14 miles with Linda and Mark. Yep 14 miles!!! I was feeling quite nervous about this after the run last week which had felt so hard. But I had some useful hints about eating more (before and straight after the run) and I had made a big effort to rest all week, and this time I felt so much better. It was still tough of course but until 11 miles my legs felt OK. From 11 miles my legs were achy and the last mile or so were definitely longer than the miles earlier on. But we did it. We only really walked one section – a long uphill drag at about the 10 mile point. So that’s it. The long runs are over now until the big day itself. Next week I need only do a 7 or 8 mile run which is going to seem pretty short compared to these 10, 12 and 14 mile efforts.  Yippee!


This should probably have been a rest day but I went out and jogged round the Norwich Parkrun with Karen and Helen. Darryl Davies, a local CoNAC and tri-anglia runner collapsed and died last Saturday whilst taking part in the Round Norfolk Relay.  Darryl was a regular Parkrunner and local club runners had been encouraged to attend the Parkruns and to wear their club colours as a tribute to him.   And we did – there were more than 600 people running at Eaton Park this week!  I didn’t know Darryl but it was moving to be there amongst so many people who did.  I feel so proud to be part of this running community of ours.  There is something so haunting about this photo someone posted on Facebook of Darryl running last weekend


– it is, on one level, upsetting to know that not long after it was taken he would never run again, but also uplifting because he looks so relaxed and happy and was clearly doing something he enjoyed so very much.  So I must remember to always enjoy my runs however long or hard they may be.  Because that is what it is about.  Always.


Cycling  73.6 miles

Running 20.2 miles

Next week
Hopefully I will get out on the bike with Jess!
Oh and there are two fun running events too – but I will write about those next week when I have done them!